Wedding of Simmone & Al – Carberry Tower

Wedding of Simmone Black & Al Fox at Carberry Tower on 1st June 2014.

Both Simmone and Al were an absolute dream to work with and a privilege to work on their bridal and wedding flowers.

The couple took their wedding vows at their ceremony in the nearby Seton Collegiate Church and then onto Carberry Tower, a fabulous and romantic Scottish castle venue with a rich history.

Table Centres: Tall cylinder vases (different heights) topped with beautiful large headed white hydrangea. Tealights were placed on the table around the vases. The top table was decorated down the full length with small mirrored troughs with blocked in white peonies and again more tealights.

Bridal Flowers: Simmone held a compact hand tie of white peonies. Simmone’s bridesmaids (2) held similar but smaller versions of the bride’s.

Various pedestals and other arrangements adorned both outside and inside Seton Church which were later moved to Carberry Tower.

A few of our own images follow …..


Thank you soooo much, your flowers were amazing. Exactly what we wanted, the marquee was stunning! so many comments, I was telling everyone how wonderful you are x.


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